Throughout the year, we record dozens of candid conversations with public servants, civic technologists, and tech innovators. You can see our FWDThinking, Industry Innovations, and Book Club interviews on our YouTube channel.


FWDThinking is a series of interviews and conversations with notable public servants, policy-makers and technologists in digital government worldwide. Each episode focuses on a particular aspect of digital transformation, with topics ranging from service design, to ethics, to law-making, to digital resiliency.

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Industry Innovations

Industry Innovations is a series of talks with private sector executives. We look at technology trends, public-private co-operation, and the platforms and tools government relies on to deliver services at scale.

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Book Club Interviews

Our Executive Book Club is an intimate invite-only gathering for senior public executives. To prepare for each edition, we record an interview with our guest author, which we also publish on YouTube so everyone can learn from these extraordinary communicators. As a government executive, you can apply to attend the next one.

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11 things about data

We live in a data-driven world. Everything we do is tracked, and we’re nudged by our devices. But most of us don’t know how to think properly about data—where it comes from, how it’s used, and where it’s heading. FWD50 co-founder and chair Alistair Croll authored the bestselling Lean Analytics, chaired the world’s largest data science conference, and helped create a Harvard MBA course on Data Science and Critical Thinking. He’s distilled a decade of knowledge into eleven short short videos. Watch this surprisingly entertaining course—packed with practical lessons you can put to work immediately.

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