Sherine Osbourne

Communications Officer, Transformation


Sherine Osbourne works with the Government of Canada. She has held progressive roles with the Canada Revenue Agency, Health Canada and Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), working on corporate communications, government programs and services, corporate affairs, governance, employee engagement, and transformation management.

Sherine is an Alumni volunteer with York University where she mentors Communications Studies students and recent graduates.

Super power: relationship building


Better for less

04/11/2021 13.20 - 14.50

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The promise of digital services has always been two-fold. The first is that government would be there for people at their point of need – whether they are in line at an in-person centre, or online long after their kids have gone to bed. The second is that it would be better for less.

During this talk each speaker will unpack each aspect about what actually does get better for less in... read more