Pooja Munshi

Head of Web

UN Environment Programme (UNEP)

After spending years working on global brands like Nike, Möet Hennessy, P&G, and startups across the US, Europe and Asia, Pooja Munshi now brings this digital acumen to the development world, where the need to engage beyond the echo chambers is critical for large scale, accelerated impact.

Pooja is the Head of Web at UN Environment Programme (UNEP) driving an ecosystem of corporate and campaign sites that inform, inspire and enable environmental action. She is a key member of the UNEP Digital Transformation Taskforce where the vision is to bring the digital transformation and environmental sustainability agendas together.

Her work is rooted in human-centered design (HCD), data-driven decision-making and an agile scrum methodology. Pooja has a foundation in design and strategy, an MSc degree from Northwestern University in big data analysis, certification on Circular Economy and Sustainable Business Strategies from Cambridge University, and currently completing studies in Digital Transformation from Stanford University.


Environmental Sustainability in a Digital World

04/11/2021 09.45 - 10.05

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Today, we are living in a world where cutting-edge technologies are redefining our lives. But what does it mean for the environment? On one hand, hyper-consumption, heightened energy, and mineral demands sap away at planetary resources. On the other hand, we see the potential of using data and technology networks to drive planetary scale intelligence, social proofing and green behaviors benefitting... read more