Peter Watkins

Program Executive for Pan-Canadian Digital Identity

Institute for Citizen Centred Service

Peter is the Program Executive for Pan-Canadian Digital Identity at the Institute for Citizen Centred Service. Peter is working to advance the digital identity priority of the Federal, Provincial, Territorial, Municipal Government Joint Councils. Peter has 30 years of public sector experience with the Government of British Columbia. Peter is a recognized innovator, change agent, and collaborator. Prior to joining the Institute Peter worked to co-found the BC Developers Exchange that introduced open, agile, digital delivery methods to the BC Government. Peter was also instrumental in the conceptual design and initiation of the BC Services Card a first of a kind provincial identity information management program.


Why is 'you' complicated?

03/11/2021 14.30 - 15.10

Industry Innovations TrackChannel 3Presentation

On its surface, identity is who we are and what we can do. Once, identity was simply recognition: We used physical features to recognize someone, and our network of relationships to understand their abilities and authorizations. But as humanity grew, recognition turned into assignment—giving people a national identity card, driver’s license, or university degree.

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