Megan Beretta (Host, G-Factor)

Director of Digital Strategy

Nova Scotia Digital Service

Megan Beretta is the Director of Digital Strategy for the Nova Scotia Digital Service. She most recently served as the Chief of Staff for the Digital Experience and Client Data team at Service Canada. Previously she worked as Policy Advisor at the Canadian Digital Service, and has worked in three other federal departments. Her interests include talent for digital government, open government, and bringing policy and delivery closer together, and digital rights for digital government. She graduated from her Master’s in the Social Sciences of the Internet from the Oxford Internet Institute in 2018, and has published on lobbying’s impact on the digital rights agenda in Canada.


G-Factor: The FWD50 Policy Pitch Competition

05/11/2021 13.20 - 15.30

Interactive TrackChannel 1Interactive session

Ever wish there was a competition for great ideas? Like Shark Tank or Dragon’s Den or The Voice, but for the best public service innovations? Governments around the world have policies on everything from how they test ideas, to how they collect feedback, to how they run meetings. But these ideas are often not shared across countries or jurisdictions, despite strong data-backed evidence that... read more