Matti Schneider

Director of Product and Collaboration


Matti Schneider has worked for the public good in a variety of positions over the years: in social impact startups, as a civil servant in the French Prime minister open-data task force Étalab, as a co-founder of the State Startups incubator, and as author of papers on public innovation and commons governance (

He built teams and tools to serve citizens and those who transform governments all around the world, delivering free and open-source software such as Mes Aides, OpenFisca, and OpenTermsArchive.

After a one year round-the-world trip looking for different takes at public innovation on 3 continents, he now leverages digital expertise for diplomatic and regulatory purposes.


Digital commons: More impact through shared effort and governance

03/11/2021 11.15 - 11.25

Keynote TrackChannel 1Keynote

Public digital services operated by agile internal teams have demonstrated how they can transform both the delivery ability and the efficiency of administrations. On the other side of the spectrum, govtech and civic tech show that the private sector can also serve that movement and improve citizen-facing services more than through merely executing on public call for tenders. Next to those, grassroots... read more

Building digital commons

03/11/2021 13.20 - 14.00

Breakout TrackChannel 1Breakout session

Digital Commons are digital assets that are built by pushing collaboration beyond mere open-source to sharing decision-making, ensuring reusability and preventing “enclosures” (the extraction of value to the benefit of a single actor). They are a powerful way to deliver the sort of services that only digital platforms usually enable, without the power concentration of big tech companies. However,... read more