Katy Lalonde

Director of Product

Ontario Digital Service

Katy Lalonde is the Director of Product at the Ontario Digital Service (ODS), supporting teams that are building an ecosystem of digital products that make it easier for people and business to interact with the Government of Ontario, including Ontario.ca, the government’s primary website.

Katy was a founding member of the Ontario Digital Service and has previously held the roles of Director of Policy and Chief of Staff (Executive Assistant) to the Chief Digital and Data Officer. Her expertise is in digital and technology policy, in the leadership and operations of digital organizations, and in organizational design to support empowered, multi-disciplinary teams.


Better for less

04/11/2021 13.20 - 14.50

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The promise of digital services has always been two-fold. The first is that government would be there for people at their point of need – whether they are in line at an in-person centre, or online long after their kids have gone to bed. The second is that it would be better for less.

During this talk each speaker will unpack each aspect about what actually does get better for less in... read more