Farwa Farshori


Code for Canada

Farwa Farshori is a product manager who specializes in creating digital solutions and digital spaces for marginalized communities. She uses anti-racist and anti-oppressive practices in her work, and has helped launch products for non-profits and independent media companies. When she’s not steering digital product development, you can find Farwa volunteering with Sanchari.Can, a community group encouraging women of colour to explore the outdoors.


FWD50 Extras: Practical applications of speculative design in service delivery

17/06/2021 10.00 - 11.30

Pre-conference WorkshopOnlineWorkshop

Public sector innovation has fundamentally different goals than private sector innovation, so it needs a different set of tools. The UX design practice of identifying and alleviating user pain points is now common in many service-oriented organizations, including government. But pulling away from pain, while useful in the short-term, is reactive. While public institutions need to react to the problems... read more