Elodie Bouneau

Executive Director of Platform

Canadian Digital Service (CDS)

Elodie Bouneau is the Executive Director of Platform at the Canadian Digital Service (CDS). CDS partners with government departments to improve how they deliver digital services to people in Canada. At CDS, Elodie’s main focus is the development of platform components like Notify (notification.canada.ca), which enables public servants to send notifications to the public free of charge. Before joining the government, Elodie focused on using the platform to transition companies in traditional industries such as publishing, medical, and hospitality, into modern, digitally-empowered organisations.


Making it easy to serve people, by providing better tools

05/11/2021 13.20 - 14.00

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To best serve its constituents a government must provide reliable services. In today’s world, this means public services that are flexible, connected, and adaptable. Platform tools like GC Notify can empower public servants to meet these expectations. Elodie Bouneau (Director of Platform at CDS) and Lauren Lombardo (Harvard Kennedy School) will discuss how governments can build and put into... read more