Dorothy Eng

Executive Director

Code for Canada

Dorothy helps organizations and institutions use science and technology to solve problems. She is passionate about lending not only her voice, but her hands, to develop tech-based solutions that create meaningful change in our communities.


The term ‘digital transformation’ implies a journey, an evolution on a spectrum of less digital to more digital. But how do you assess how digital your team or department already is, and how do you prioritize the skills and capacities that will move you furthest along that spectrum?

Building on the work of Public Digital and the Harvard Kennedy School, Code for Canada is developing a... read more

From private to public: building a talent pipeline for government technology

04/11/2021 13.20 - 14.00

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Many governments have begun putting in place processes to change the cultures, practices, and principles of government to embrace digital ways of working. But is it enough?

To be digital, governments have to go beyond outsourcing technology projects and invest in building in-house talent with the right mix of digital skills and competencies to facilitate the work. However, governments are... read more