Ayodele Odubela


Ethical AI Champions

Ayodele Odubela is the Founder of Ethical AI Champions, a consulting firm working to help organizations accurately develop data-driven solutions and market them appropriately, using equitable methodologies. She combines her background in communications and passion for data justice to educate teams on operationalizing responsible AI. She has a Master’s degree in Data Science and has given keynotes on Algorithmic Bias at the Women in Analytics Summit and PyData. Ayodele has led explainable ML workshops at Microsoft, Priceline, and has been recognized as one of 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics.


FWD50 Extras: Discovering Harmful Algorithms

16/09/2021 10.00 - 11.30

Pre-conference WorkshopOnlineWorkshop

In this workshop, you’ll discover how critical AI incidents take shape from the inside. Learn how vast groups of people (including yourselves) are outliers in some data and can face negative consequences because of algorithmic bias. This workshop will teach you practical methods for measuring fairness and you’ll receive a structured project scoping framework you can use for building future ML/AI... read more