Asha Meness King

Youth Leader

Asha Meness King is a young anishnabekwe from Kitigan Zibi. She is actively involved in community initiatives that engage youth, promote culture and preserve our indigenous rights. She is diligently committed to learning, sharing and bringing light to indigenous struggles from indigenous perspectives. Asha empires to be a midwife within her community to bring back traditional birthing practices and values .


Through my lens: An Indigenous youth perspective

02/11/2021 10.45 - 11.05

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As a young Anishinabe woman, speaking from a Youth’s perspective, Asha King Meness will be discussing the importance of government accountability, which includes:

    • The need for communities to be able to recover lost knowledge and the opportunity to do so by leveraging social media
    • Using the platforms that are available and how we can... read more