Where are we headed? A conversation with Gideon Lichfield

Gideon Lichfield
Global editorial directorWired
Alistair Croll (Host, Keynote Track)
Co-founder & ChairFWD50
05-11-2021 11.25 - 11.55

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If you feel tech innovation is overwhelming, you’re not alone. Before the pandemic, we were already racing towards possible futures in AI, cryptography, drones, chatbots, genetic editing, and more. A year or more of remote working, global economic disruption, and medical crisis have accelerated some of these changes and given a new spin to others.

Gideon Lichfield is the Global Editorial Director of WIRED, and previously headed MIT Technology Review—two publications that have charted the rise of the internet, and technology in general, for decades. So we thought we’d ask him what technology trends he’s seeing, which ones are overrated, and perhaps most importantly, how people’s behaviour will—or won’t—change in response.