The quest for truth & trust: A case study on misinformation

Franco Amalfi
Strategic Business ExecutiveGoogle Cloud Canada
Kate Thomas
Cloud Consultant, Global Public SectorGoogle Cloud
Gerald Mullally
DirectorUK Prime Minister's Office & Cabinet Office
02-11-2021 14.30 - 15.10

Executive TrackChannel 5Breakout session

Governments deeply invested in the safety and security of their citizens are facing a rising challenge: the “age of misinformation.” Hesitancy to trust in vaccination is one recent example, but what are the broad implications for governments and their citizens in areas like climate change – or even democracy itself?

Led by Google Cloud Strategic Business Executive, Franco Amalfi, as well as Google Cloud’s Global Public Sector Cloud Consultant, Kate Thomas alongside Gerald Mullally, UK Cabinet Member, this panel discussion will examine a case study on vaccine hesitancy conducted between the UK cabinet and WHO. With data at the forefront, we’ll draw out the lessons Canada and other governments can learn when it comes to tackling misinformation and promoting trust.