Striking a balance

Catherine Luelo
Deputy Minister, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat and CIOGovernment of Canada
Alistair Croll (Host, Keynote Track)
Co-founder & ChairFWD50
02-11-2021 09.25 - 09.45

Keynote TrackChannel 1Keynote

Technology is where policy becomes code. Digital government means embracing the best that the private sector has to offer—and then ensuring it addresses the needs of the margins, not just the profitable middle. Digital identity means delivering tailored services to individuals—while protecting their privacy and identity. Digital analytics means service usage and encouraging transparency and accountability—while recognizing the analog, ambiguous nature of human society.

The role of Federal CIO means finding the right balance, implementing technologies that embody not only the policies, but the aspirations, of a nation. In this session, Catherine Luelo, Canada’s new CIO, looks at the role and discusses private-sector collaboration, digital identity, and analytics with FWD50 chair Alistair Croll.