Rethinking public infrastructure: Service delivery in the data age

Joel Minton
Technical Director, Office of the CTOGoogle
Alistair Croll (Host, Keynote Track)
Co-founder & ChairFWD50
03-11-2021 10.05 - 10.25

Keynote TrackChannel 1Fireside chat

Join Alistair Croll, co-founder of the FWD50 conference, for a fireside chat with Google Cloud OCTO Group’s Technical Director, Joel Minton, on Rethinking Public Infrastructure: Service Delivery in the Data Age. Minton will draw on his experience transforming traditional businesses, as well as his public sector experience founding and building SSO for the US Federal government, to show how data can be streamlined for the public sector’s top infrastructure needs.

By leveraging consumer data and powerful infrastructure capabilities, governments can:

    • Improve service delivery with faster, more personalized data experiences
    • Offer secure service delivery across all agencies
    • Focus on their most important assets – the constituents they serve