Moving the digital public sector forward – Canadian women leading the way

Lisa Carroll
Public Sector LeaderMicrosoft Canada
Christiana Cavazzoni
Associate Assistant Deputy Minister, Information Management, and Deputy Chief Information OfficerDepartment of National Defence
Michèle Mullen
Director General, Partnerships and Risk Mitigation (PRM)Canadian Centre for Cyber Security
Lucie Loignon
Chief Information Officer, Corporate Services and Finance BranchEnvironment and Climate Change Canada
03-11-2021 14.30 - 15.10

Executive TrackChannel 5Breakout session

The past 18 months have produced a watershed year with accelerated digital transformation across the board, requiring a unique level of collaboration between the public and private sectors. Our challenge as technology leaders is to protect organizations from the vulnerabilities that digital transformation introduces while also leveraging these same technologies to build resiliency, agility and employee engagement.

This all-women panel leads technology for Canadians from coast to coast and we expect this lively conversation to provide insight regarding building culture and skills, while also protecting data, ensuring innovation and moving the digital public sector forward.