I see you there: Ways to control your biggest risks in digital identity

Anna Hirschfeld
DirectorPublic Digital
Stephen Dunn
Digital product consultantPublic Digital
Po Tea-Duncan
Executive Director - Cyber SecurityGovernment of Canada
Erik Zvaigzne
VP, Product InnovationConvergence.Tech
02-11-2021 13.20 - 14.50

Workshop TrackChannel 4Workshop

With the impact of Covid-19, the need to tackle digital identity is only growing. The ongoing global debates on privacy and data protection are changing opinions on how it should be tackled, including through verifiable credentials. But the conversation is often about technology choices instead of the needs of citizens and the types of services digital identity is required for.

Join a discussion focussed on considering digital identity from a strategic and service design perspective. We’ll cover questions like:

    • Who does digital identity exclude, how do we mitigate against this?
    • How will you prioritise privacy, control and convenience?
    • Do you want to solve this for the whole of society or government services?¬†Should your system be open or closed?
    • What services actually need identity?
    • How can identity trust frameworks help?