Enabling digital transformation in public sector with industry partnerships with Dr Julia Glidden

Dr. Julia Glidden
Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Public SectorMicrosoft Corporation
Alistair Croll (Host, Keynote Track)
Co-founder & ChairFWD50
02-11-2021 10.05 - 10.25

Keynote TrackChannel 1Fireside chat

The global pandemic created an era of digital disruption that required the public sector to break down barriers and rapidly adopt digital approaches to delivering public services. Looking forward, the combined power of Cloud, Data, and Artificial Intelligence will continue to be key in shaping digitally transformed government. Join Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of Worldwide Public Sector Dr. Julia Glidden in conversation with Alistair Croll on how the partnership between the technology industry and public sector organizations will enable this transformation, with an eye toward citizen-driven, seamless, and personalized public services across the globe.