Digital, human, inclusive, resilient: The future of citizen-centric service

Sanjeevan Srikrishnan
Principal, Global Solutions Architecture & StrategyEquinix Canada
Leanne Starace
Senior Vice President, Global Solutions Architecture & StrategyEquinix
KJ Burke
Principal Technology StrategistHybrid Cloud
02-11-2021 15.30 - 17.00

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In 2015, the first year of using an online voter registration service during a General Election, Election Canada reported over 1.7 million Canadians used the service with 55% of new registrants under 24 years old. This year, that number increased significantly with over 2 million users reported and 75 percent of new registrants aged 18 to 24.

Digital transformation has become a necessity with the pandemic accelerating the need for all agencies to digitize. Solving for digital preparedness and resiliency, deploying hybrid IT that enables a seamless transition from legacy system to ‘Government as a Service’ and responding to growing citizen demands for digital experiences that are on par with the best are now at the forefront. Governments and the public sector have responded by continuing to leverage technology-enabled digital frameworks and the public cloud to shape and modernize their services.

While a cloud-first strategy helps to accelerate modernization, it requires a measured approach to balance Canada’s unique geo-political challenges with our stringent and complex compliance requirements (Privacy Act, PIPEDA, PHIPA, etc.). This workshop will unpack some of the key concepts of Digital, focusing on the Digital Edge, Cloud Optimization, Automation and Adaptive Networks. We’ll cover best practices and guidelines to help:

    1.  Design effective, secure, compliant, performant and scalable architecture(s)
    2. Facilitate a trusted exchange of data across government and partners
    3. Accelerate service delivery using cloud-native digital platforms
    4. Rationalize technology spend within the Government and Public Sector