Yonah Welker

Explorateur, membre du conseil d'administration

Yonah.ai / . org

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I’ve been working on the intersection of tech and society since 2005 year – when I’ve become a tech explorer and launched a hardware think tank. Over my journey, I worked on tech startups and labs, helped to facilitate tech ecosystems through North America to APAC, MENA, Africa, screened over a few thousand teams, contributed to policies, frameworks, ethics, public and multilateral initiatives.

My current mission is to reshape the future of technology, algorithmic diversity and accessibility, specifically in aspects of ability, neurodiversity, gender/women, youth. I serve public and private innovation ecosystems to screen, evaluate, vet and support emerging technologies related to the future of learning, wellbeing, work, human-centered innovation, participate in co-design of tech products and solutions, work on tech policies, ethics and bottom-up projects to better adopt/democratize it. In 2020/21 I’ve spent over 60 world appearances to bring awareness to the neurodiversity / ability exclusion crisis, ethics and the role of social AI, robotics and tech.


Diversité et non-binarité algorithmique. Comment revoir l'aptitude, la technologie et l'éthique

02/11/2021 13.20 - 14.00

Trame ConférencesChaîne 1Conférence

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During the live session, we will dive into the meaning and application of algorithmic diversity and nonbinarity in technology (including such cases as neurodiversity). Using latest experiences, researches and examples, we will analyze current state of inclusive innovation and technology, reasons behind fails and successes, practical ways... voir plus