Tony Holmes

Responsable de la pratique des architectes de solutions pour le secteur public


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Pathological problem solver, and serial question asker, a lifelong student of mental models, experienced in creating innovative solutions where analogical ideas meet rigorous socratic method. For more than two decades Tony has been solving complex problems for some of the largest, and most forward-thinking technology organizations in the world; including British Broadcasting Corporation, Digital Equipment Corporation, Microsoft Research, Opsware, Hewlett Packard, Oracle and currently Pluralsight, THE Technology Skills platform for the Government.


Propulser l'innovation grâce à la coopération public/privé

04/11/2021 14.30 - 15.10

Trame Innovations de l’industrieChaîne 3Présentation

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Much has been said about the tension between private tech companies and the public sector. How do governments benefit from cutting-edge tech and economy-of-scale efficiency while avoiding platform dependency and maintaining the public trust? This candid discussion with senior executives from leading technology innovators sheds light on... voir plus