Sime Pavlovic

Vice-président du secteur


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Sime Pavlovic is the Sector Vice President at CGI, responsible for the Information, Communications and Technology strategy and implementation within Ontario Public Sector, Healthcare,Transportation & Regulatory.

Prior to joining CGI, Sime has held various senior executive roles as a strategic, client-focused leader. He has a lengthy track record of measurable successes directing and planning the execution of high-priority healthcare and information technology initiatives for the private and public sectors including the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Government Service, and eHealth Ontario.

Sime’s goal has been simple – implement strategies that advance digital health innovation to improve the delivery of services for healthcare providers and their patients.


Pourquoi votre identité est-elle compliquée ?

03/11/2021 14.30 - 15.10

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On its surface, identity is who we are and what we can do. Once, identity was simply recognition: We used physical features to recognize someone, and our network of relationships to understand their abilities and authorizations. But as humanity grew, recognition turned into assignment—giving people a national identity card, driver’s... voir plus