Jonathan Craft

Professeur associé Université de Toronto

Directeur fondateur de Policy Ready

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Jonathan Craft is Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science and the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, at the University of Toronto. He is also the founding director of Policy Ready a platform devoted to research, training, and convening around policy-making & governance in the age of disruption.

He is an award-winning author of digital government case studies and academic works like Policy Advice and the Westminster Tradition (Cambridge University Press); Backrooms and Beyond: Partisan Advisers and the Politics of Policy Work in Canada (University of Toronto Press, 2016), and Policy Work in Canada: Professional Practices and Analytical Capacities (University of Toronto Press, 2017). You can find him on twitter @jonathan_craft or read more about his work on his website at


Du privé au public : créer un bassin de talents pour les technologies gouvernementales

04/11/2021 13.20 - 14.00

Trame Pour les cadresChaîne 5Présentation

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Many governments have begun putting in place processes to change the cultures, practices, and principles of government to embrace digital ways of working. But is it enough?

To be digital, governments have to go beyond outsourcing technology projects and invest in building in-house talent with the right mix of digital skills and... voir plus