Gerald Mullally


Bureau du Premier ministre du Royaume-Uni et Bureau du Cabinet

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Gerald Mullally is Director of the UK Prime Minister’s Office and Cabinet Office Communications and is responsible for the UK Government Communication Service’s international work. Gerald is currently delivering G7 commitments and programmes of communications capability building for governments in Africa, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Asia. Prior to this, Gerald was Head of Campaigns at 10 Downing Street designing and delivering a wide-range of campaigns based on the priorities of the UK Prime Minister and Head of Business Partnerships engaging businesses in the Prime Minister’s priorities.

Previously, he worked as an advisor to the Irish Government and as a strategy consultant for PwC and Accenture. He holds two MScs in economics and public policy from London School of Economics and in Complex Systems.


La quête de la vérité et de la confiance : Une étude de cas sur la désinformation

02/11/2021 14.30 - 15.10

Trame Pour les cadresChaîne 5Conférence

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Governments deeply invested in the safety and security of their citizens are facing a rising challenge: the “age of misinformation.” Hesitancy to trust in vaccination is one recent example, but what are the broad implications for governments and their citizens in areas like climate change – or even democracy itself?

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