Annie Donolo

Conseillère politique principale, Priorité au numérique

Services numériques de l’Ontario

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Annie Donolo is a Senior Policy Advisor at the Ontario Digital Service. She works in the Digital First Branch and is currently focused on collaborating with ministry partners to advance the digital maturity of the Ontario Government. Annie has extensive experience in strategic communications, legislative affairs, and media relations and has held key positions in several ministerial offices in the Ontario and federal governments, including the office of Canada’s Finance Minister. She pursued her passion for tech and economic policy during her time at the Harvard Kennedy School where she completed a Master in Public Policy. She was a graduate fellow at City Tech Collaborative in Chicago, an urban solutions accelerator, and her thesis project focused on reforming digital procurement in Ontario by improving the vendor experience. Following her graduate studies, Annie worked as a Policy Lead at the Public Policy Forum. Annie is from Toronto and holds a BA in history from McGill University.


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Digital Service Units around the world are harnessing the power of human-centered design and agile development to build the products and services that communities need and want. But how can governments move beyond effective product delivery, toward advancing the digital maturity of their organization as a whole? How should governments... voir plus