Votre organisation est conçue pour ne rien faire

James Duncan
Cofondateur et directeurStance Global
03-11-2021 13.20 - 14.00

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Organisations in all sectors – public, private & third – are struggling to come to terms with the opportunities that technology creates. Organisational leadership teams have tried all kinds of things in their efforts to adapt. They turn to their technology teams, but traditional « IT » departments have found it just as challenging to break the mould. From including some words in a strategy document all the way to funding an entirely new division, if we’re honest the efforts seem to fail far more often than they succeed. Fresh talent is sought out, new people get hired, and teams change but still, organisation after organisation struggles. So what’s going on?

Most organisations are designed – almost on purpose – to prevent change and do very little. Is yours?

Attendees will learn some common organisational pitfalls, be reminded of things they already know, and will, hopefully, come away from the talk looking at their own organisations slightly differently.