Il n'y a pas de planète B

Carolyn Porco
Chercheuse invitéeUC Berkeley, California
02-11-2021 11.25 - 11.45

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We have entered the era of New Space … when commercial interests, long eager for access to space, have been given the green light and are finally making headway.

This raises the question: Will the routine use of space by commercial enterprise be what it is currently advertised to be? Will mining asteroids save the Earth? Will moving human civilization to Earth-orbiting space colonies or terraforming and colonizing Mars avoid human extinction from natural disaster? And what of space tourism, or the 60,000+ internet satellites that are currently planned for low Earth orbit? Is any of it even realistic?

What will all this mean for humanity?

Carolyn Porco, a long-time, award-winning veteran of solar system exploration, will give her take on recent developments in space exploration and what it means for human existence, now and in the future.