Internet nuit à la société partie 2 : comment y remédier

Sue Gardner
Fondatrice et PDGTiny Ventures
Annette Hester
Jennifer Welsh
Chaire de recherche Canada 150, Gouvernance et sécurité mondialesUniversité McGill
04-11-2021 14.30 - 15.10

Trame ConférencesChaîne 1Conférence

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How to regulate the internet has been a blazing hot topic lately, with Germany, the EU, the UK, Australia, and now also Canada taking steps to curb online harms. It’s a complex landscape, with lots of room for error, and governments are picking their way through it gingerly and with trepidation.

So far, the conversation about how best to shape our experiences online has mostly been taking place among technologists and internet experts. We think that’s a mistake. We believe people with expertise in other realms can bring valuable experience and insight to these debates. Joining Sue for this discussion are economist and policy strategist Annette Hester, and international relations expert Jennifer Welsh, director of the Centre for International Peace and Security Studies at McGill.