Le portrait changeant des marchés publics au Canada

Angela Mondou
Présidente et directrice généraleTECHNATION Canada
Stéphane Cousineau
Sous-ministre adjoint principal, Services ministérielsServices partagés Canada
02-11-2021 09.45 - 10.05

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COVID-19 has demonstrated that governments can procure much more quickly—if they have to. It has also provided government and industry the opportunity to re-examine procurement processes, making them faster and more agile, not only in emergencies but in normal times as well.

And it’s not just about procurement. A recent Angus Reid survey showed that 67 percent of Canadians indicated that they want to have access to government services digitally, even if more traditional options are available. There is a growing need for a modernized digital infrastructure at all levels of government.

In an armchair discussion, TECHNATION President and CEO, Angela Mondou will sit down with a senior executive from Shared Services Canada (SSC) for a candid conversation about the changing face of government procurement and the digital transformation underway in Canada, including:

    • SSC Agile Procurement Process 3.0
    • Improving awareness and access for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Indigenous businesses and under-represented groups; and
    • Sustainable IT.