Une seule fois

Naeha Rashid
Experte en politique technologique
02-11-2021 13.20 - 14.00

Trame Pour les cadresChaîne 5Présentation

Description disponible en anglais uniquement.

Imagine a world in which online forms for interacting with governments are pre-completed with all the correct information, or where governments automatically initiate services—say sending you a baby bonus check after your child is born—without any forms or requests at all. Further, imagine that this user-centric approach actually streamlines internal government processes and creates savings for both the state and taxpayers alike. This world is within reach with the aptly named once-only policy.

Under the once-only policy, users need only give their information one time when in contact with public administrations; beyond this point – assuming consent has been given – the government can share and reuse this information to create public value. Join this session to learn more about the once-only policy based on the experiences of five countries that have taken different approaches to this policy, and stand at varying levels of policy maturity. We will think about some of the benefits and dangers – especially in the realm of privacy – that come with the once-only policy. In light of these dangers, we will discuss how governments can architect key supporting infrastructure to maximize the value of the once-only policy to both governments and their citizenry.