Le gouvernement en tant que plateforme : du principe, à la stratégie, à la mise en œuvre

Pia Andrews
Pia Andrews
Transformatrice en série du secteur public
05-11-2021 13.20 - 14.50

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In this workshop, Pia Andrews will discuss « Government as a Platform », including the strategic value and opportunity for digital transformation of public sectors. Pia will walk through a methodology for planning out GaaP for your jurisdiction and organization, and will present a collaborative model and methodology developed with Pia, Audrey and Kristo. This provides participants a strawman that you can build upon. Pia will also outline different approaches taken with GaaP around the world with pros and cons, to help you to explore and evolve your own organizational GaaP approach. Finally, Pia will invite participants to participate in some community modelling of GaaP to draw in your insights, needs and ideas so that we all walk away a little richer for the experience.