Du privé au public : créer un bassin de talents pour les technologies gouvernementales

Dorothy Eng
Directrice exécutiveCode for Canada
Jonathan Craft
Professeur associé Université de TorontoDirecteur fondateur de Policy Ready
Jane Laughton
Chef du talentServices numériques de l'Ontario
04-11-2021 13.20 - 14.00

Trame Pour les cadresChaîne 5Présentation

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Many governments have begun putting in place processes to change the cultures, practices, and principles of government to embrace digital ways of working. But is it enough?

To be digital, governments have to go beyond outsourcing technology projects and invest in building in-house talent with the right mix of digital skills and competencies to facilitate the work. However, governments are faced with a skills gap. Private sector competition and outdated hiring practices often create a persistent challenge in recruiting and retaining talented, digital-ready staff.

How can governments successfully reach people with the multidisciplinary skills needed to drive digital transformation? This chain reaction panel will feature experts in academia, non-profit, and government to provide insights on what draws digital talent to public service and share best practices for government recruitment and retention.