Aperçu des coulisses de notre économie numérique

Dr. Audrey Lobo-Pulo
Responsable principale Politique publique et Graphique économique, Australie et Nouvelle-ZélandeLinkedIn
02-11-2021 11.05 - 11.15

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The pace of technological advancement in society is expected to give rise to new levels in productivity – yet, there is little understanding as to how this will play out across our global working population. With women still representing less than a third of Data and AI professionals (Global Gender Gap Report 2021, WEF), a fast moving digital economy may further exacerbate the gender gap.

Meanwhile, the digital skills penetration across different industry sectors is progressing at different rates and business leaders are looking for new ways to source digital capability. LinkedIn recognises that ‘skills’ is the new currency in the future world of work. With over 750M global members and a skills taxonomy of over 38K skills, we can learn much from our Economic Graph insights and the ‘skills paths’ that are trending in the digital economy.

This talk is for anyone in Government or Business that may be facing new challenges in sourcing or up-skilling in the digital economy. Policy makers will find the insights on the global digital-talent migration, digital skills profiles and the gender gap of ‘Data and AI’ skills useful in developing new policy ideas to support digitalisation in the workforce. There is no prior knowledge required.