Un modèle de travail pour aligner les investissements dans les données et le numérique avec les priorités et les plans du secteur public

Vik Pant
Scientifique en chef et conseiller scientifique en chefRessources naturelles Canada (RNCan)
05-11-2021 14.30 - 15.10

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Advancing digital transformation is a key priority for Departments and Agencies across the Government of Canada. As our organisations invest in digital solutions, advisors, analysts and decision-makers are faced with the challenge of prioritizing and justifying such investments. In this talk, Dr. Pant, Chief Scientist and Chief Science Advisor at Natural Resources Canada, aims to share a path forward in addressing this challenge. He will present a beyond the horizon framework to attest and appraise the value of data and digital. This incorporates a strategic perspective into the decision-making processes and various programmatic workflows, and enables alignment of departmental or organisational strategic priorities, performance indicators and investment in digital solutions.

Attendees will benefit from this session in gaining an understanding of:

    • How we can align departmental strategic priorities, performance indicators, and investment in digital solutions.
    • How to systematically assess and analyze the value of a dataset or a digital tool.
    • Why the development of a framework would help inform digital technologies investments (AI and automation) and be incorporated into the decision-making processes.