Access FWD50: Our community platform

FWD50 is a chance to put the most important conversations of our generation front and centre, and to bring the incredible power of technology to bear on society’s thorniest problems. These topics are too important to tackle just once a year, so we’re launching a community platform to host conversations among innovators in the public sector.

Become a member—for free—to:

  • Discuss government innovation’s most pressing challenges with peers around the world
  • Participate in live and online events delivered through the community platform
  • Access recorded content and related material from past years’ events

Access FWD50 is open to anyone, around the world, for free. It includes:

  • Access to an international network of digital government experts
  • Past years’ annual conference sessions available to watch on demand
  • Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) sessions with noted public sector specialists
  • Additional resources to help you develop as a public servant—and on a personal level!

If you have a ticket to this year’s FWD50 event, you also get:

  • This year’s annual conference content available to watch on demand
  • Access additional resources like notes, presentations and other material
  • Ticket-only content from FWD50 Extras, and live attendance of FWDThinking episodes

If you couldn’t attend FWD50 this year, don’t worry: You can still buy an upgrade of your membership to access all the amazing talks. Simply mail us at

Who is Access FWD50 for?

We’re creating a safe space for our international community to have open discussions about topics that matter to all of us. FWD50 Access is the ideal platform for public servants, innovators, academics, and civic technologists. For those working for change, this community is a chance to know they aren’t alone, and to learn new skills and technologies they can put to work immediately. For academics, agitators, and front-line workers, the community is a chance to share hard-won lessons and collaborate with peers around the world.


What if I already have a ticket to the FWD50 conference in November?

As a 2021 ticket holder, you automatically have access to the community. You can access all session recordings and additional materials, as well as new content created leading up to our annual conference. Check your inbox of the account you used to register for the conference for a mail titled, “We invite you to join the FWD50 community on Circle.” If you can’t find that email, request a new password.

What if I couldn’t attend FWD50 this year, but would like to access the talks?

We’re offering a content pass for $200 which gives you access to all sessions as well as additional resources and exclusive content like workshops and AMA sessions with notable speakers—simply mail us at and we’ll upgrade your membership.

How long do I have exclusive access to the additional content?

The FWD50 annual content cycle renews in May of the following year. You have access to our content for as long as the community exists, but the previous year’s talks will become available to everyone—including people who didn’t attend that year’s conference—and the new content cycle will start once again for the upcoming year, available exclusively to that year’s ticket holders.

Any questions or concerns?